Thursday, 21 February 2013

International VIVID conference Cambridge

Hello. So to begin this term, myself and fellow student Erika Lewis where approached by our tutor to create a welcoming animation for the VIVID International conference hosted by Anglia Ruskin Cambridge.

Erika is a good friend of mine as well as housemate-we go way back. So it seemed like a fun idea. We created the animation in around 3-4 days, so was nice quick turn around, with erika creating the hand drawn element and me handling the digital and composting side. 
Working late 2days before deadline.
VIVID is a great company that aims to create a networking environment between university, industry experts and companies mostly based in the UK and netherlands. I applied for  a scholarship with this company last year so I know a fair bit about it. 

The animation was played at the start of the conference on a double screen. 

It was a realy interesting day of lectures form all over the UK and netherlands. From educational and surgeon training games to interactive and inteligent materials, I even got to meet a local businessman with two 3D printers who's letting em come in and see them at some point. We even got a mention on there website which was pritty nice.

Was all in all a great day, brilliant brief, got to work with one of my best buds, made some contacts and even got a free lunch in the form of ridiculously good free canap├ęs...not to shabby.

Though this did remind me, must get business cards...again!

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