Friday, 15 February 2013

I quite enjoy writing...surprising!

I'd just like to make a little mention about my Research Project/ Dissertation as it devoured allot of my time, but I have really enjoyed it. It's handed in now but I was about stereoscopic technology and Rapid Prototyping affect on Stop-motion animation, as I have mentioned in an earlier post about gaining an interview with Barry Purves's view on RP as well as this I also managed to ask the marvellous Jason walker (eye compositor behind the beautiful animation Madam Tutli-Putli) on his thoughts about a few things.

Research Projects and dissertations or essays for that matter are great contacts making opportunity...sorry if that sound really obvious, but i've enjoyed this process.

Rapid Prototyping or 3D printing has really lit a fire in me though, I have spent allot of time trying to contact local company in order to see one work in person to no day!

but a great source of knowledge and entertainment has been skwigly, there podcast are pitch perfect. I strongly suggest having a listen skwigly podcast!

All in all its been really interesting, extending writing has been really nice, I enjoyed research and reading and collecting the data...Rapid Prototyping is changing the face of stop-motion (pardon the pun) and it been incredibly insightful looking at it form all angles.

It's also been great to find that the animation community is insanely friendly!

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