Monday, 25 April 2016

My new film BORIS-NORIS has its own Blog.

My new film is to hip for blogger, it really isn't, I will probably default back to this blog after it all down but for now i'm keeping it pretty up to date over on the old Film fount, join in the fun over here.

Friday, 15 April 2016

TV Licensing "Evicted"

So last term I worked on a live brief with my college Fiona V-P for the youtube channel RED BEE for TV licensing. We were given a list of genuine excuses from the local area (BRISTOL) and asked to animate around it. I chose "I don't need a TV licence as i'm being evicted, for stabbing a guy in the head, but I don't know why i'm being evicted cos it happened three streets over".

the whole idea was centred around this character that I came up with and thought he'd be fun to animate. The quick sketch I did before the one above made my fellow animator think he'd be a different colour so she created the swatch below.
Colour tests by Fiona V-P
Final Design and Mouth Shapes

Final Edit.

Our film got censored in the end, originally there was a pull of blood coming form the stabbing scene, which got edited out. For the greater good?