Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Idea though design: the shoe

so the first project of an illustrative second year and we were required to make a shoe that represented a famous person in history: I decided to the Wrights Brothers. I constructed the shoe out of canvas and would, the idea was to make it out of the same material as there plane.

This is the first attempt.
after the critique on this piece it was made clear that it did not represent the brothers at all, so back to the design board it was. I decided to deconstruct the shoe as most of the most interesting things in the construction of the show were inside, wear no one could see.

And heres the final outcome.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I've got a golden ticket....

so a couple of month ago now but, I attended a talk by Quentin Blake, such an amazing and lovely man.


we have been set a particularly bleack text for are animation that covers teh rest of term and christmas:


Once upon a time
there was a lonely wolf
lonelier than the angels.

He happened to come to a village.
He fell in love with the first house he saw.

Already he loved its walls
the caresses of its bricklayers.
But the window stopped him.

In the room sat people.
Apart from God nobody ever
found them so beautiful
as this child-like beast.

So at night he went into the house.
He stopped in the middle of the room
and never moved from there any more.

He stood all through the night, with wide eyes
and on into the morning when he was beaten to death.

-Janos Pilinszky

-Translated by Janos Csokits and Ted Hughes

yea so.....thats a tad depressing.

All i wanted from this brief relay was a free rain and abitly to finaly use stop motion (model animation), so i can devlop in my modeling ability.

Though I think I'm going to take this brief and alter it to something i've wanted to do since last year, I've wanted to create a 'Freak' based naimation ever since teh circus poster Brief we were given last year. I've had an intrest in the freak show, and deformaty for a longt time now but it was'nt till last year i was properly allowed to vent my intrests in a creative way.

Since last year i've steadly been watching and seeing as much to do with the circus, cranie folk and freak shows as I can. Last uear I attended a talk (with preformances) on the history of the Circus. And during the summer I was finaly able to attend a Freak act by the fantastic Circus of Horrors.

I laso manged to watch a intreging Documnetry on Joseph Merrick (the Elphant Man), as well as watching Dan Browns Freaks last year, i did also watch the elphant man in teh university Liabray, im not much of a cryer in fioms, but i sobed my eyes out in the middle of teh Libary whalst watching this truely beuitful accout of a fantastic Man.

All in all I think this may be the perfect time to create a piece that incoperaqtes all these things.

Rob ryan...

...very exciting day for me! when I met the world renowned Rob ryan. Possibly made a massive fool of my self, but it was worth it, such a massive influence on my work and a totally lovely guy so was a great night.  with a free glass of wine thrown  in, why the hell not.

Beautiful book, showing Ryans process 

signed copy

and heres his blog just in case: http://rob-ryan.blogspot.com/

Monday, 12 December 2011

The aniamted scketchboook?

The first animation to create this tearm was based on the drawing Trip to Savilla, the breif was called 'the aniamted sketchbook' now I new that this is what we were going to have to do before we left for spain, but for some reason when we returned to Cambrudge, I was totaly stuck for ideas. I looked around my normal hot spots of visual reserch and found inserperation in the blogg on Anna Betts (a gradute from The cambridge school of arts: http://colourandsound.blogspot.com/) here work inspired my work for this:

here are some details of the work.

if you check out my youtube link to the left you should be able to watch the animation.


ok well savilla was a far few months ago now but since returning from spain i've been crazy busy.

All in all a beautiful and exciting city, with eccentric residents but all fantastic. Here are a few drawings done there:

Scene from above, the mushroom looking over Sevilla sone in about 10minutes
tower. beautiful architecture

market scene