Friday, 15 April 2016

TV Licensing "Evicted"

So last term I worked on a live brief with my college Fiona V-P for the youtube channel RED BEE for TV licensing. We were given a list of genuine excuses from the local area (BRISTOL) and asked to animate around it. I chose "I don't need a TV licence as i'm being evicted, for stabbing a guy in the head, but I don't know why i'm being evicted cos it happened three streets over".

the whole idea was centred around this character that I came up with and thought he'd be fun to animate. The quick sketch I did before the one above made my fellow animator think he'd be a different colour so she created the swatch below.
Colour tests by Fiona V-P
Final Design and Mouth Shapes

Final Edit.

Our film got censored in the end, originally there was a pull of blood coming form the stabbing scene, which got edited out. For the greater good?

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