Friday, 22 February 2013

Huzzah! scholarship success

This is my happy face!
A little while ago I applied for a foundation scholarship through uni, I had to write a proposal for a self-directed educational trip. I'd been considering attending Stuttgart international animation festival as Barry Purves had mentioned he's be attending, also I love germany, so I thought id give the scholarship a go as the money wouldn't go a miss.

And to my surprise a letter arrived saying i'd been Successful...Great News so come April 23rd i'll be on my way to one of the biggest animation festivals in europe. I have to write a essay piece and give a few talks when I get back but i hope to be able to tie that in with some other work and hopefully be able to put it off until after hand in. But buzzing! now just to book the train, and hotel, and flight, and festival tickets, and.......o dear!

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