Monday, 15 May 2017

Short film update for boris noris

Well Boris and Noris are getting around a bit recently and i was actually able to attend a screening last weekend at the brilliant Cardiff International Film Festival where my film played during the two cloth cat family screening early on Saturday morning. 

Way back in the March it played at my first American festival! at the 'Open World animation Festival' in AllanTown,PA and again on more local turf at Blackpool at the 'Flyn Film Festival'. Then in April it was up in Manchester at the Creative Indutries Trafford. Then between the 18th-21st of this month (May) you can see the film in France at 7 petits caillouxe- where you can also see the storyboards of rte film being exhibited as an added bonus! and if you still haven't seen it yet and happen to be based in the Kudlov, Czech Republic you can catch them there at the Zlin film Festival. 

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