Saturday, 12 May 2012

Narrative Print

Hand in for this year is official over which mean my second year at CSA is over. What a great year it has been to.

following on form the last piece i posted which was the written module i took this year I also took a modular in print. Print is a method of working i became quite familiar with in earlier education, and if I were to take a more illustrative root i'd of done a lot more of it. Anywho...

CSA has a great print studio and amazing letterpress studio...are first brief was to visualise a  poem by Philip Larkin called Take One Home For the Kiddies these are my final outcomes.


Second part of the module was to create a series of prints depict a classic tale. A chose to create a suit for Chaucers Canterbury tale: the Nuns Priest Tale: Chanticleer. created using Lino.

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