Friday, 27 January 2012

ITD: stamps

New Brief to create a series of four stamps based on a State.
This was a bit of a doozie, two week brief, I wanted to use cut out something about the format of a stamp really appealed to my cut out frame of mind....which made me thing states of mind, staes of emotion.

the concept behind these stamps is that the sender would by this stamps as pre-cursa to the contannt of the letter inside i.e. if you were sending a birthday card or informing someone of a wedding you would use a euphoric stamp.

Furious: "I'm angry!" possibly a over due bill
Melancholy:"Bad news" your ill.
Affection:"I <3 you" for a love letter x
Euphoric:"SO VERY HAPPY!" for good news.

All in all pretty pleased with these. They went down well.
There testament to a simple idea and clear design winning out on the day!

Maybe I should try that out more.

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