Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Oh we do love to be beside the sea side....

...after working on the english project for a while I simplified it. I decided to attempt model making using Fimo, just as a experiment it ended up being what I think was my best work all year. After feedback from others I decided to create a range of model people based around characters that you often see at the British seaside. I really enjoyed making these people, they were labour intensive but worth it. I was able to pull knowledge of my home town in weymouth in order to create my funny little people. i was inspired by the work of Martin Parr who often photographs in weymouth as well as Slinkachu who creates models and puts the in real life set ups.

little girl with ice cream and old man walking in the sand.

A old lady eating fish n' chips and a Little Boy playing in the sand.

Handkerchief hat man floating on a rubber ring and a 'Lobster Man' coping with his sun burn.

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  1. You know I love these! Aww the man in the rubber ring and the kid with the ice cream are probably my favourites.